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Tips for website registration:
Be accurate with your URLS, email and description, including your name and Location. Use accurate keywords, best if you have metatag keywords and you use them. Use a metatag for your description and even Keyphrases as well.
Be sure to include at least a short paragraph worth of readable text, of a descriptive manner, in the top half to the top third of the main page of your website. Only the first few paragraphs worth of your page are spidered and keyword usage here will register higher for accuracy.
You should know that we consider more than 5 forms of a Keyword to be a spammed keyword and is sent to secondary review (You only need the root word anyway, dont include fomrs of the word in your submission). Background colored keywords and spam are easily detected, use descriptive alt tags on your images or pertinent content in comment tags instead.
We allow points for popularity also. If your site is heavily linked to and even bookmarked, you will earn additional rating points.
Sites may be submitted no more than once in a 90 day period. Some submissions will be sent to secondary review for a more thorough, personal review of the pages in order to establish a rating or to determine validity. Sites we feel are spamming or otherwise abusing the system may be limited or denied access to this database.

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