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Tat2 Net Personal Ads are a great way to get to know others on the web. It's fun. It's easy. It's free. It's also safe because you can exchange messages without sharing your e-mail address with others, unless you are ready.

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With Tat2 Net Personal Ads you can make new aquaintances that have the same interests as you. It's nothing new, meeting people on the Internet. You've heard stories of friendship, relationships and even marriage. Well the truth is that The Internet with all it's chatrooms, guestbooks, ICQ and IM, is not necessarily a responsible way to meet new people. Who wants to give your email or other personal information in such unpredictable situations? No one I hope, it's just not a comfortable situation. Take Online Introductions to their next level - who knows where it might lead?

If you decide to leave a message for another member or if someone wants to contact you, all messages are kept locally in your message area. tat2 Net does urge you to take time in getting to know someone before you give them your contact information. you can still meet on the Chat and ICQ or IM and build your relationship or friendship. When and if the time is right, you'll know and you can go from there. Never give your personal information to a stranger, protect yourself while you have a little fun.

Tat2 Net Personal Ads are for Adults 18 and over only, this is not an actively supervised system and is not appropriate for minors. We do have a few rules and you must agree to abide by these few rules. Those who cannot will not be tolerated for the good of the membership. You must read and agree to these on the form submission page before you will be allowed membership. A few basics to start. No harassment or disrespect of any person or groups of persons shall be tolerated, all it takes is one complaint and your membership will be reviewed by the administrator. The other major rule regards the content of user profiles and messages. It is not our wish to be the "Social Police" and we feel personal expression should be allowed to be completely open. In this day and age of Triple and quadruple XXX Internet porn sites, some might feel that the Internet is a place where anything goes and that is not the case. Hey we're not prudes but if you display overtly sexual themes in your content or show images that could be interpreted as pornograhic, your membership may be reviewed by the administrator. Any member who has complaints about the behavior or content of their profile area or messages to other members shall be reviwed by the administrator. The administrator has the sole discretion to ban users, delete profiles, limit access or report serious incidents to law enforcement authorities based on complaints or feedback of other users.

User information is taken during the course of providing this totally free service to our registered members. This information is never placed to any other member for any reason. Tat2 Net Personals will never give out any personal information to any user or anyone else for that matter. Contact between members is through an internal messaging system. You leave the information, including a photo image that you want made available to other members.

Tat2 Net provides various services, such as Personal Ads and other features for free. In order to do this Tat2 Net displays ads from our sponsors on the pages generated in providing these services. Please help support this free service by clicking on bannerads and looking at the business messages and other offers they provide. Tat2 Net does not share user information with any ofour sponsors or any other company, vendor or organization. Tat2 Net may, from time to time contact you when necessary regarding Personal Ads features or scheduled events and may, also, provide you with information regarding other services and products of ours that may be of interest to you. For more information on Privacy policies at Tat2 Net, please check on our home page.


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